Located in Beaune, in the heart of Burgundy, Vectoeur is an analytical laboratory dedicated to the research and the preservation of purity.
Wine, food processing, industry, construction, packaging… as many industries whose purity is a guarantee of quality, and therefore a real added value.


Specialized in fine analysis, the Vectoeur Laboratory strives to research and preserve the purity of the products and environments in the agri-food, wine, construction, industry and transportation sectors. The analyses focus especially on olfactory and organoleptic disruptors in air, liquid and solid matrix.
Our goal: helping you to preserve the quality of your products, in order to bring a greater sense of satisfaction to your customers.

Composed of a doctorate in analytical chemistry, engineers and chemical analysts, our team offers you its expertise and knowledge by offering innovative solutions adapted to your needs.

Preserving the added value of the products through the search of purity is one of our first objectives. To us, this approach is meaningful to our well-being, our health and the future of our children.

at the service of your expertise

The quality of a product lies in the purity of the elements that compose it. With this in mind, material analysis is an essential step in your manufacturing process. Indeed, getting accurate analytical information is a real asset for the improvement and the sanitary safety of your products. It represents a major challenge for today and tomorrow.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Vectoeur laboratory offers a wide range of complete, high-performance analyses adapted to your sector. Advising, providing innovative solutions to meet your technical and economic needs, improving your development process and effectively meeting the requirements and complexity of current regulations is our leitmotiv.

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Our accreditations,
a guarantee of quality

Vectoeur laboratory has many accreditations, which is a guarantee of quality and high standards in a sector that links research, innovation, and food-processing industry.

Accredited as a test laboratory by the “Cofrac” (French certification committee), our laboratory vouches for its skills, its legitimacy, and its impartiality regarding the research conducted within it. This accreditation is therefore a guarantee of trust, but also of recognition both at the level of public authorities and at the international level, which enables us to open our doors to export.

Finally, our laboratory, approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, allows us to benefit from a research tax credit.

Research tax credit

Our partners,
a mutual trust

The Vectoeur laboratory has joined forces with many reliable partners in order to be an energetic and innovative player in its territory and markets, and to develop a network of trust which is necessary for any development.

The company is one of the 370 members that make up Vitagora. Aware of the challenges ahead, the objective of this agri-food competitiveness cluster is to make innovation a real growth lever in the food markets sector.

In addition, the analytical laboratory is a member of the AFSEP (French Association of Separation Sciences) whose aim is to promote physico-chemical separation methods.

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Advanced technologies
directly at your disposal

At the service of your products, Vectoeur’s purpose is to support you in your quality process.

Our machines offer many analysis possibilities. Created in our laboratory, one of our devices has been designed to confirm an olfactory sensation induced by certain molecules. The heart of our research is based upon a technology able to detect and quantify precisely its various components and to provide highly accurate molecular and olfactory information from solid, liquid or gaseous samples.

15 years of innovation

For 15 years, the search for purity has been the heart of our business. Based in Beaune, Vectoeur is a company created in 2004, which belongs to the GBAE group. It all began in 1992 with the creation of the first entity: Embag, a distributor of wine packaging products (corks, caps, cardboard boxes, pallets...).

Eight years later, driven by the desire to always offer the best quality, the co-founders of this company wanted to set up a preventive approach against "off-flavours" (parasitic taste) resulting from the transformation of certain molecules. As part of an innovation approach, the company has revolutionized the wine sector by developing a methodology able of eliminating the mouldy taste known as "cork".

Sharing this desire to preserve the aromatic qualities and offer ever-innovating solutions, the group’s partners created the Vectoeur Laboratory in 2004.

Thanks to its research and development work carried out the past years, the laboratory has protected its know-how by filing patents.

Today, Eric Bornet and Bernard d’Hacourts, co-manager of the laboratory, are extending their knowledge and skills to the food-processing industry in order to share their know-how with other corporations.